2023 Try Outs

2023 NO NAME Indoor Volleyball is Getting Ready…

THE GOAL:  To locate the kids that have the dream of playing at the next level.  We will teach the game as it should be taught…reps, discipline, and knowledge, with a bunch of smiles thrown in.  All teams 15 and above should only be playing OPEN, if we do not qualify for Nationals in an OPEN event, we will not be going to the FL Regionals to try and qualify at a lower division.  It is time that the kids learn to step up their game and get after their dreams.



This tryout is sanctioned by AAU Volleyball – so please bring you AAU Card or just bring your AAU number with you.  If you do not have an AAU membership you can go to AAU – Volleyball (aauvolleyball.org)WEDNESDAY JULY 6th and THURSDAY JULY 7th

15/16/17/18 on July 6th
15’s and 16’s – 4:30pm to 6:30pm
17’s and 18’s – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

13/14 and makeups  on July 7th
13’s and 14’s – 4:30pm to 6:30pm
make ups 6:30pm


Corbett Preparatory Middle School
12015 Orange Grove Dr
Tampa, FL 33618
* Air Condition – WIFI – Safe Parking – Centrally located in the Carrollwood are

CLUB FEES – for each team


14U – 4 QUALIFIERS – $2,250.00 per player (Mini Club season is FREE)
15U – 4 QUALIFIERS – $2,250.00 per player
16U – 4 QUALIFIERS – $2,250.00 per player
17U – 4 QUALIFIERS – $2,250.00 per player
18U – 4 QUALIFIERS – $2,250.00 per player

****If you would like to make a one time payment – $2,000.00 

What does that fee include: 3 uniforms, 1 piece of NO NAME gear, all tournaments’ fees, all coaching fees, all recruiting help, with gym and practice facility expenses. 

To accept a position the day of tryouts:
(a) a nonrefundable deposit of $350.00
(b) sign our payment agreement for the 2022-2023 year – there will be 3 equal payments paid for the remainder of the fee (less your deposit of $350.00) on Dec 1st, Jan 1st, and Feb 1st
We accept – check, cash, and credit cards.

**Since we are a non-profit organization, you will be able to fundraise all you want!

  1. – We will facilitate teams 12U thru 18U.  We will place 10 kids per team (if we decide to keep an 11th kid on the team, that player will know at that time that they are the 11th player – we see something in that player that is just not ready yet, but hopefully will be there soon!).  We may move a player to a different age group if it allows them to be in a better opportunity to succeed.

COACHING STAFF – EVERY coach on our staff has played volleyball in college!!!!  Our coaches have won awards playing volleyball in college!!!!    Why is this so important to me and you???  (1) They have been physically and personally trained to play volleyball (2) they have been in the situations that they are discussing with your kids (3) they know what might be going through their players head (4) they are educated in volleyball and (5) they know what it takes to succeed inside that 30×30 square.

Our volleyball club is run by volleyball people.  People that have been in the game for 30 plus years.  For us, it only makes sense that volleyball people run and coach a volleyball club.

  1. – We are going to be more creative with our schedule this year.  We need to see different teams, play against different styles, and have more colleges see our kids play.  I am excited to see what the country has to offer!!!

MINI CLUB – FREE…it will just be an extension of your yearly fee.
This will only be for players that are not in High School.   We will get together a couple times a week during the fall and be sure that we are ready for the season!!!

We know that we are not perfect, and we know that we are not for everyone. BUT I can promise you all one thing.  If you want to be trained by coaches that have actually played at the highest levels, trained by coaches that were in your shoes, trained by coaches that were doing the same drills when they were young, BUT most of all … if you want to be trained by a staff that is here for all of the right reasons then THEE NO NAME CLUB is where to be.