My name is Douglas Chinchar and I am the director of NO NAME Volleyball Club. 

My wife Sarah and my two beautiful girls (also below) make up the rest of the NO NAME team. Sarah and I have been around the club world since we were kids playing in gyms and on beaches around the country (yes in the 80’s).  We both played and coached at every level, and even co-owned a large club in Tampa before we tried to retire from coaching (as we had two beautiful little girls).  When we were pulled out of retirement, we knew that we didn’t want just the typical name of a town or city.  We wanted our club name to have a personality.  Then it was easy, one of our favorite places in the Florida Keys….NO NAME KEY (if you can find it, you’ll love it).   The NO NAME KEY motto is simple…work hard, and then enjoy.  Club volleyball has become such a commercialized business/sport, and you can see how the kids and parents don’t always enjoy what they have in front of them.  That will not happen here.  I expect our kids to play hard, and to enjoy every moment!  I expect the parents to cheer and be there with a hug – win, lose, or draw!

The goal at No Name Volleyball is simple. Learn the game the right way. Learn the game from coaches who were coached by some of the top coaches in the world. Learn from coaches that have played in the big matches, who know what it’s like to be on the court, in the huddle, and on the practice floor. Most of all, be educated in how the game works. ” The kids just have that trust in you, because they know that you are teaching from real experience, that you went through the same things.” – Sarah Chinchar

If you have the dream of playing in college one day, this is the place to play. Sarah and I were highly recruited volleyball players out of high school, and both were on the recruiting circuit as DI College Coaches. Recruiting is a game within itself, we both know how to play it very well. “Our job is to make sure each kid has the opportunity to reach their volleyball goal. I laugh when clubs charge extra to help kids with recruiting tapes/resumes/etc. That’s our job as coaches. My wife and I were given great opportunities, we feel that it’s only right to do the same in return. ” – Doug Chinchar

The experience level at No Name Volleyball Club is unmatched. Come join the family…it will be a ride that you will not regret!